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2003 MINI Cooper Coupe (COOPE)


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First model finished in 2018, but before I weather it. This was a Fujimi MINI ONE RS-42 kit, 1:24 scale, think it was never marketed in the USA because it's right hand drive (RHD). I wonder if Fujimi produced a left hand drive kit, because the body had indents for the wipers to be either side.
I shortened it 8" (full scale), tilted back the windshield, used a Porsche 911 windshield for the back, which determined how much it was chopped. I intended the roof to slope down like the Land Rover Evoque (MINI Countryman is similar), it needed sectioning at the rear, shortened 16", and I sloped the leading and trailing profile more. Changed the dash from RHD to LHD. Scratch-built the wing, gas filler is a copy that I made long ago from the Tamiya Isuzu VehiCross. Added big driving lights in the front bumper. Arizona MVD website used to make the license plate.  Lowered the stance a little.  Stickers cut for the US sidelights.  Interior tub was shortened, VW Golf rear was spliced in after removing the seat, seats airbrushed using a fine screen mask for fabric texture, added seatbelts.  Rear parcel shelf is a piece of Christmas junk food packaging, painted flat black.  Used thick paper for the headliner and pillar covers.  Nail "polish" paint, pearl purple, and pearl with purple iridescence white. Used pictures of my 2003 MINI for reference.
It was more of a PITA than usual (had to paint roof 3 times), I don't consider it contest winning quality, but would still enter it in a If I Had Designed It 







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3 hours ago, espo said:

I would not weather this, it's just to nice the way it is. Your Chop and Shortening of the Body looks like a factory design. Almost a shame to hid this nice of an Interior under a Chopped Top.  

The photos don't show where the Solvaset blemished the clear paint, the aluminum tape belt line trim is sloppy, the rear window developed a crack during construction, paint chipped off along the bottom of the door needing touchup with the nail "polish", messed up decals on the wheel centers, etc.  At the minimum, a light spray, but I've been dying to do a road grime look.

Thanks everyone for the comments!

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