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1966 Chevrolet Impala SS 396

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Beautiful build!  I have always thought the Red tailights on this kit seemed a little "off" if compared to the 1:1.  My eye tells me that the tailights are a little too tall vertically, but I can't confirm if that's what my eye is seeing or not.  My compliments on your execution of these tailights; it appears as though you've added some vertical, chromed-strips to break each tailight down to three, long, horizontal lense sections.  

Can you comment on how you enhanced those tailights for me?  Thanks!

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Thanks again, guys!

@#70 Grande (Mark): I attached a stripe of BMF to the section if the Body, where I had to glue on the taillights, since real lights and taillights have chromes reflectors. I gave to red clear plastic parts a touch up with "Chrom silver" (Testors) and a halfway dry brush wo emphasize to small Chrome bezels around the tailligths, including the vertical lights which separate the three Chambers.




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A high school friend bought one just like this brand new, he immediately blew the engine.  The local dealer replaced it, within a few weeks he blew it again.  The dealer replaced it, but with a warning.  You guessed it, it didn't take long before he blew it again.  This time he replaced it with a 427 at his expense.  In a few weeks he wrapped it around a tree, some cuts, bruises, and a broken arm but a lesson learned. 

Now back to your build.  To me the 65/66 Impala/Chevelle SS's in Marina Blue were some of the prettiest cars from GM.  Your rendition is just as beautiful.  Great job.

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