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1/25 AMT '70 Corvette LT-1 Coupe


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I'd assume it's the same as the original 1991 issue and the 2002 reissue..builds as a regular LT-1 or a ZR-1 (the only difference as far as the kit goes IIRC are the wheels--the ZR-1 version used unplated Rallys w/o trim rings or center caps, IIRC--I have the original 1991 issue in my unbuilt stash). 

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I built the original issue when it first came out and IIRC it had shielded ignition. I think it might have had an unshielded distributor, too. I don't remember if it has a radio or not, or window cranks or power buttons. 

This was a VERY nice kit, one of the best I've built. The only thing I could find to whine about is, the rear of the roof is just a little too high (compare it with a Revell '69 and you can see it). But there's enough meat there that you can file and sand a noticeably lower profile into it and improve it a bit. 

Mine won a Best Out Of Box Model at an IPMS Regional in, I think, 1992. That's how nice the kit is. 

If you're a '68-'72 Corvette fan, Life Is Good, because between the AMT and Revell kits, you can build just about any '68-'72 Corvette you can dream up. 

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I'm actually in-progress on the 1991 issue of this kit.  It can be built as a regular LT-1 or as a ZR-1.  The differences are the wheels, (Chevy chromed-Rally wheels for the LT-1; open-steel wheels for the ZR-1), and the 350 engine's ignition, (covered shield arrangement for the LT-1 and open distributor and coil for the ZR-1 version).  The dashboard is blanked-out where the radio should be, and the decal sheet includes a radio-face decal, so that difference is covered, too. 

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Ontario Orange? Now I have to have one for my Polished Plastic collection. Hopefully it will be metallic/pearl. 

BTW, Ontario Orange isn't correct for a '70 Vette, but it's good for a '71 and I think maybe a '72, and the later two years are virtually identical to the '70. 

Oh yeah, I'm in......

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16 hours ago, Snake45 said:

BTW, Ontario Orange isn't correct for a '70 Vette

At least 7 of the 8 Corvette 'sites I checked out list Ontario Orange, paint code 991, available in 1970.

Correct or not, I'm glad to see this style box art return, and wish Round2 would use it a bit more often.

"Pre-lettered tires" doesn't seem to be the same as pad printed, so I wonder if the modern Polyglas GT tires wouldn't work with the wheels in this kit? I don't even want to think about which tires Ertl included the last go 'round.

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My refs only show it for '71 and '72, code 987, but while researching, I came across this, which is very interesting.


I'll buy it and build it. I have a red '70 and did another '70 as an Elkhart Green '72, so I'll do this one as an Ontario Orange '71. B)

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When I researched Corvette colors for my Scale Auto articles on the pre-catalyst C3 Corvettes and GM's most colorful paint colors in the early 1970-'s, I recall seeing a bunch of conflicting info on the 1970 1/2  metallic orange paint specs, with different respected sources offering up to three "definitive" alternatives for the final 1970 1/2 production color.  

The post at the Corvette action center seems to ring a familiar bell. 

Under any circumstance, I say build it as a 1970 with the Ontario Orange paint if that is your preference; the auto industry has a history of running pull-ahead colors in small volumes on earlier model year cars.  For example, some late model year 1970 1/2 Camaros were painted with 1971 model year Sunflower Yellow solid..

(Some day I'll spill on when Ford did this on a late model year run of 1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupes.....)    TIM    

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