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The Last 'Cuda Convertible - transmission update


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I just finished this one after a 5+ year build.  It's is a representation of the documented last 'Cuda convertible to roll off the line.  There is much conjecture as to why it ended up with the non-matching orange seats! 



I used a seat from the AMT Duster kit, and re-scribed the pattern on it to represent the base trim level 'Cuda seat.  I then cloned that seat in resin to make the other seat.  The pattern is carried over to the rear seat.



The dash has a Rallye instrument cluster grafted in from an AMT kit.  The steering wheel is modified from a Coronet.



The engine was borrowed from the Monogram Challenger T/A, changed over to 4-bbl carb.






Feel free to comment.  I hope you like it!

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1 hour ago, 1972coronet said:

Splendid BS27H1B ! Right down to the blue 340 ( May 1971 & later ) ! 

Which kit did you source the Torqueflite from ?

I wish I could pinpoint where the torqueflight came from.  The best I could find was a 1/25 scale tranny which is a bit small.  I bought about 50 engines from eBay a while back and saved anything that looked like a Mopar. No idea what kit it came from.  I'll take a pic when I get a chance. Maybe someone on the site can identify it.

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