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1958 Plymouth Fury

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So, the Christine model has been done to death, but she's the Freddy Kruger of the automotive world; not a jason or michael myers not slow and methodical killing one victim after 45 minutes. She just keeps on ticking. My idea here is to create the car in the book, complete with the 383. According to my research 1958 you could get a 727 torquefilght with the push button gear selector, which the Christine has, and it does have the correct number of buttons on the small chrome button pad in the kit.

Engine wise I bought the '69 Dodge Dart GTS kit, I will cast the engine in resin and modify the resin engine into the Christine frame to start. I know the purests out there are screaming at me but the Golden Comando 350 will not be in this build, its in the pictures; yes for now.

The car was supposedly built in 1979, well the 383 was a popular engine to find headers were probably available for a swap, dual four barrels were still in, so was long tube intakes. 1950's Chrysler and Plymouth colors could still be bought for less than $25.00 a spray can. Mind you duplicolor has a nice "Christine" red spray paint but thats not what Im going to use here.

I am using spray cans and hand brushes for all my modeling. I've never had the expensive equipment ever since I was a child, so I know the quailty of what I have is less than someone whose been at it for 20 years with an airbrush. I like it the old poor boy way.





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Looking good so far. The one I built some time ago with the  2-4 Carb. inline  setup out of the AMT Chrysler 300 and used the Chrysler stock Air Cleaners to clear the Hood.

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Im waiting on a copy of the book to come in, over in new hampshire, can't remember where exactly, theres a 58 in christine movie fashion parked on a hill in front of an old dealership. Im also gathering my casting materials; be another two to three weeks before i can pop the 383 and modify it to fit, I plan on building mounts from styrene to use in the engine bay instead of the pin thru the oil pan like in the kit, i wish i would have popped the 350 engine first before putting it together.

Thanks for following, sorry to leave everyone hanging. Life is complicated, time is at a premium. Be patient though, Ill have more to come.

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On 2/18/2018 at 12:16 AM, EightyHotRod said:

 My idea here is to create the car in the book,

Well, the car in the book has four doors. Also a shift lever, and one four barrel carburetor. 

Also, on the book, there is no mention to any modification, like headers, or other non stock components. Arnie, says the goal was to restore the car to the way it was when LeBay had her. In other way, factory stock, looking and running like new. 

On the book, dennis has a Duster, and not a mighty Cherger as on the movie. Things are different on the movie. 

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The Chrysler 350 was a B engine-  externally identical to the "normal" 383 (although valve covers on big block engines went from 4-bolt to 6 bolt for '65 and an RB series 383 available in lower line '59-'60 Chryslers)

The kit engine is a mess with a strange intake but overall depicts a big block with a cast iron Torqueflite


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Thanks for the input guys, as im looking at this kit more and more everyday; Im remembering that my last ex bought it for my birthday so I may change my mind from my original idea. I might build this as a creep car. Depends on how I feel when I sit back down with it, even the red and white scheme was a far stretch being that the fury came in buckskin beige and white in 58. Theres definitely alot of pain going into this build. I met with a real life witch in the last girlfriend (putting it lightly, asylum wreck). If she was this car she would definitely be a killer, and her name wasnt Christine, in Gaelic her name meant "river of love"; you guys figure it out, the river "*******" in Ireland.

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