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'32 Ford Phaeton

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This poor old girl was the unfortunate victim of a cat-rollover... so after re-glueing the windshield and roof, I dusted it off as best I could and took some pics. 

I did this a couple years ago for a club build-off. It's one of the very few that I've ever done in less than a month. Fast building just ain't my thing! ;)

Box stock, with some home made wide whitewalls, it got it's colours from my wife's nail polish collection. The lacquer crazed the plastic a bit, but I really didn't spend much time prepping the body, so it's all good. I notice that the green is really starting to fade...

Comments always welcome.

phaeton 1.jpg

phaeton 2.jpg

phaeton 3.jpg

phaeton 4.jpg

phaeton 5.jpg

phaeton 6.jpg

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2 hours ago, Funkychiken said:

the dull sheen on the paint work looks realistic.

Looks great!

It was wholly un-intentional! :)

Thanks for the compliments. it was fun to do a challenge style build in a short (for me) amount of time.

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