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58 Plymouth gone bad

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This was one of those "AMT PROSHOP" pre-painted models. I thought I would do a quick build for once but nooooo. After looking through everything I noticed the interior had 2 passenger side door panels instead of a left & right.:angry: So I built it with the inner door skin look & it went down hill from there for her. Lots of rust & rot, perfect for the junkyard.

58 plymouth 003.JPG

58 plymouth 008.JPG

58 plymouth 022.JPG

58 plymouth 029.JPG

58 plymouth 030.JPG

58 plymouth 035.JPG

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"Good hands. Bad taste in cars."  Great job, and the background makes it look like she's sitting outside Darnell's, waiting to self-restore.  I like to do weathering myself and that's some of the best I've seen. 

Those Pro Shop kits were painted VERY well with a hard, glossy finish, and it's not easy to un-finish them.  I learned that with a Pro Shop '78 Trans Am I'm trying to turn into a beater.  I did learn one trick. I wanted to leave the gold pin-striping and other decals mostly intact.  Scrubbing the body with a Scotch-Brite pad flattened the black paint but left most of the gold trim alone.


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Very impressive ageing. Under hood looks like this poor old car was in a very damp environment. You even got the "Eye Brows" rusted thru. Where did you get the drum brake setup for the rear ?  

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2 hours ago, Hmann68 said:

I didn't know they made this shade of red anymore Arnie! ..... Well they must, because I have it!   Well done weathering work

Harry Dean Stanton ! One of my favourite actors !


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2 hours ago, yellowsportwagon said:

Simply awesome . Looks exactly as a 3 year old Plymouth should!!

Plymouth , Dodge , Chrysler , and De Soto models of 1957-1959 were fraught with Q.C. issues ( I believe that the Imperial -- a separate line , D-Body platform , built in a different plant -- was spared from these issues ) , including-but-not-limited-to premature body rot ...

...even in arid climates !

Three years is being generous ;)

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