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1975 Monza--Completed 12/25/2018

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I really do have a thing for curbside models. I'm waiting to tackle a couple of clearance issues with the Chevelle, so thought I'd play with this thing, for a while. Obviously, it's a promo--I ain't afraid to modify them! I've accrued a few of them, over the years, because I've always loved the styling of this car since GM introduced it (I love Vegas, too!)--too bad the underpinnings weren't better. That said, I've also been hankering to build something road-racing inspired. I like the looks of the early Trans Am series cars. Unfortunately, by the time the Monza was introduced, "IMSA" flares were en-vogue, and I'm not nuts about those. So, I decided to build this as a street car with early T/A influences. I've removed the rear seat and covered that area. I'll probably replace the floor, as well. I've begun work on a basic rollbar assembly. It'll get a pair of racing seats, and a cleaned-up dash. I'm going with these Minilite wheels (I found them on Ebay, last year. They're very nice!). Tires are from the AMT parts packs. I will put disc brakes at all four corners--one thing I enjoy when I build curbside models is adding as much detail as I can, while still keeping it curbside (don't turn it over; it'll retain the promo chassis!) You can see the aluminum chin spoiler, and, I'll add a simple spoiler to the rear, as well. Not much done, so far, but here's a first look! Comments and questions welcome!






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Very cool! I drove a '76 Skyhawk V6 for about five years. Peppy little beast! I liked it. 

I like where you're going with this. I scored a Monza promo cheap at the toy show last year. Only problem is some of the left front corner is broken off. That wouldn't be a HUGE problem except the thing is painted a nice metallic avocado green I'd like to save. I can rebuild what's missing, but the real challenge will be to match the paint. 

Good luck with yours. Drive on! B)

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Looking good.   :D

One of the most memorable cars I've ever seen was one of these. Except for the 10" wide rear tires and stance, it was a total sleeper, but had one of the strongest Chevy 350 street engines I've ever encountered.

Everything about the car was done to pro standards, and it was blazingly fast, and stone-axe reliable.

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You've got a great plan, Daniel!!!  I'm a Vega/Monza fan as well having owned a few Vega's back in the 70's-80's.  You are right about the less than stellar underpinnings of the Vega & Monza but they sure were fun to drive.  I'll be looking forward to seeing this project progress.  Looks really good so far!!!?????????

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Sorry guys, I've been away for a bit. All your comments are much appreciated! Steve Milberry, thanks. I like a nice sleeper, and I never much cared for those pontoon flares. I've made a little progress, since my last post; I removed the floor and replaced it with styrene sheet--I still need to add the tunnel, which is why I am going with the new floor. I wanted to get rid of the console. I turned some rotors on the lathe (I use the term "turned" loosely, all I did was turn some aluminum rod to diameter, drill it, and cut it off--hardly a complicated operation!), and paired them with caliper castings from molds Don Fahrni and I made back in the '80s. Gotta' have that "eye candy"! Also, the car is now on the wheels (I still need to drill the wheels for valve stems and paint them.). I am very happy with the stance! Here are a few photos of the car as it sits, now. Future plans involve a dark, metallic green paint job, buckets from Johan's Sox and Martin 'Cuda, aluminum dash and, perhaps, door panels. Hope you guys continue to enjoy its progress!








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Thanks, Snake! I'm kinda' liking it, too! I've added a couple of items, now: exhaust tubes, a new chin spoiler (I'm going to reshape the bottom, to eliminate the optical illusion that it's got a concave profile--I know it's straight, because I cut it against a steel straightedge.) and the rear spoiler. IMG_3743cr.jpg.8ec663d47fd92bed6e4d3a8a314cfd8d.jpg



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I think that the stance combined with the wheels and tires make all the difference in the world on how your build looks. I think the body looks best without the large hood scoop. The Road Racer look is enhanced with the front and rear spoilers.    

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Snake, I hope I can inspire you to get your Monza out and work on it. Would enjoy seeing your vision! Thank you, Karl. The stance has to be right, or it just doesn't work, no? Thank you, Ron.

I've been spending some time on the interior; The door panels, in particular. I cut them from .005" aluminum flashing (can't say enough, how much I love this stuff!), then rolled them at the top, over a length of 1/16" brass tubing, to create a rounded bend. As you can see, that left the upper edge of the panels straight, so they didn't match the window line. To correct that, I cut a section of aluminum door threshold I'd picked up, somewhere, and cut and filed it to the desired profile. Then, using a ball peen hammer, I formed the top of the panel to more closely match the window line. I'll do some fine tuning to the panels, yet, but, the improvement is apparent. Lastly, I cut the reliefs for the dash. I'll also add some rolled beads to the panels, along with window cranks and door handles. I'm planning to smooth the bumps on the promo's dash, and form some aluminum sheet over it, to make a new dash. I've also begun work on the trans/driveline hump. Attached are a few progress photos. Comments welcome, as always!






Panels H-Comp.jpg

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I like this build!

I love Group 5/IMSA/late Trans Am race cars. But OTOH, I love the early Trans Am concept too.  I never liked the 1980s "IMSA Poser" street wannabe cars. Especially with the huge fenders and tires that fit under the stock fenders. But again, this one flips my switch. You got the stance, the exhaust, the interior, the wheels and tires, the mostly stock body with just spoilers added (thank you for no wings).

Going well.

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