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Profil24: Audi S1 Quattro Group B


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Did not see that anyone has shown this particular Audi Quattro kit, which is a low volume resin kit made in France.  It represents the pinnacle of the Group B rally cars, infamously called Killer B due to extreme performance mixed with stupid spectators standing on the edge of the roads.  I'm planning to build Walter Roehrl's car, with appropriate "weathering".  This model has the engine, some other kits do not.

I am going to use the Facebook embed method, since I've noticed old posts using photo hosting sites are now useless, and I don't want to use up my allotted space on this forum.  I have basic descriptions on each of my photos.  (if this does not work, please let me know)


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Two tech points first. Only Photobucket doesn't "work" anymore (unless you pay for the 3rd Party Hotlink). Because of that there are no longer photo storage limits on the forum.

Beyond that Profil24's stuff always seems pretty nice, I'd like to get the Aston Martin GT car. But the inclusion of an engine (especially combined with building a resin kit) isn't enough to get me to pay $80+ over the upcoming Beemax kit.

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So, exactly 3 years later, I still haven't built either one.  😅  Have acquired aftermarket goodies, such as "gravel" tires and correct wheels.  Also got the Bobby Unser decals.  I see on Spot Model, a transkit for the Pikes Peak 1987 car.

The Beemax kit does not have "trunk" detail.

Going to have lots of useless PC decals left over.

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