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When I attended the 2013 IPMS Thin Air Nationals in Denver, took the tour to the Shelby museum, and the Clive Cussler collection.  You have to enjoy the irony, of military focused IPMS having tours of car collections.  Posting just a few pictures of the Shelby collection, which is a cooperative of several owners.  Car #21 is very special, it's the test mule in unrestored condition.  IMHO it's fairly easy to build a model that is clean and shiny, but take a look at the patina of that car.













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These cars are referred to as "LeMan Replicas".  They are original Cobras built to the same spec as those that competed in the '63 24-hour.  Two distinctive identifiers are the oversized fender vents and the shortened trunk lid hinged the opposite way. The black #97 was the only time the hardtop was used in competition by Shelby in the USA.

 Image result for dave macdonald cobra hardtop



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Sweet!  I lived in the Springs for three decades and officed in Denver for ten years.  I, too, never heard of the collection or museum!  Dang.

Bob Peeples would have loved it!


PS: Neat pic of "Uncle" Louie Unser. A friend.  Haven't seen this pic before.  I remember Continental Divide - great track!  Great races!

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