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2009 Dodge Challenger V10 Idea

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A while back I had pick up some of the Revell 2009 Dodge Challengers  and when I went to Ollies some time ago my son and I picked up some Revell Dodge Ram VTS Pickups.  I built one of the Rams and my son had started on the other.  All he finished was the engine and put it away to do a WW2 tank model.  This evening he pulled the model out and was looking at it.  He then pulled one of the Challengers out and started "playing" around with them.  He then placed the Challenger on my desk with the V10 in it.

I took a look at it and if I modify the intake and oil pan it might fit right into the  engine bay.  What do you guys think?  Should I take his idea further?  This might just give a Hellcat or Demon a run for their money :)

RMX-4017-2.jpg.0a8ef6661d939e3ae1b9d9427ee2d0f3.jpg s-l640.jpg.11c09daa02fc94c26a3b1948b3f39b72.jpg








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I think it would be a great idea. You might want to move the engine back closer to the firewall as there is no room left for the radiator in the present position. You can always reconfigure the air intake after you get the engine set in place where everything clears.   

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Thanks Belgawrx, I looked at the pictures and yep they are on upside down... will have him fix them.

espo, I was looking at the car/engine again tonight.  I think maybe it can go back bit, but there is some room behind the bumper that a radiator might fit.  I might have to angle it a bit like the one in a '69 Vette.

Casey429, I googled that Challenger... and wow it is real, thanks great reference material.


Thanks everyone for you input.

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