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There’s some discussions about Lindberg 1:20 kits on this site lately so I thought it was a good time to show my completed Ford Explorer Sport from Lindberg. 

I built this kit five years ago and it went fine to built, lots of details. 

There were three issues I remember, the taillights were tricky to get in place.

The backside of the frontseat didn’t match completely so I had to use a sandpaper to remove the excessive material (so you don’t se the line between the front- and backseat).

 I also hade to drill out the holes in the roof for the roof rack (there were holes on the inside of the roof but they didn’t went all the way through), this can also be a good thing if you don’t want a roof rack.

Overall, this was a joy to build as I like the subject.




The glue on the taillights is a result of my struggle to get them to fit, they do fit but it was tight.





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21 minutes ago, Jim B said:

Decent looking Ford.  Looks like you had some trouble with the hood?

Yes, I had some trouble getting it to seal shut. Don’t know why though, the hood isn’t to wide or to long. Maybe it’s something with the hinges. Should have test fitted before I started to build.

 I’ve bought one more which hopefully will turn out better thanks to everything I learnt from building this one.

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I remember I had built Lindberg's 1/20 Dodge Stealth when it first came out. Built up OK, but the details were wrong  (no turbo). Turned me off on buying any of their other 1/20 scale offerings.

Looks like they improved their game by this time. Nice job.

Try the AMT 1/20 Toyota 4x4 pu as a companion. It's an old Lindberg kit too.

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