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Has anyone built any fully detailed RVs, Campers, Camper vans or trailers?

I've been contemplating building a fully equipped rig using an old Hess Training Van GMC Motorhome that I got on the 'bay years ago. And I need some inspiration. 

I'd like to see scratch builts, in progress, old kits - whatever you got! Has anybody else gone crazy and built up the GMC Motorhome as a detailed model? Or the MPC Open Road Camper. Or AMT Chevy van Mini Motorhome.

Has anyone scratchbuilt a fifth wheeler, over the cab camper, or even a class 3 Winnebago?

Whatever you've built - please post it here!

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24 minutes ago, dieseldawg142 said:

your a lucky dawg if you have a Hess...would love to get my hands on one...

I do have a 1:1 truck camper, so I have built a couple of them though

this one was kinda modeled after my uncle's early '70's Six-Pac camper.....


this '89 TravelMate after my 1:1 set-up in the driveway...



These are so cool!

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5 hours ago, mchook said:

The bus might not be what you mean but I did a little on the interior. The slide in is scratch built & empty, no detail, but it was done probably 15-20 years ago.

hippie bus 00028.jpg

hippie bus 00004.jpg

That bus is exactly what I wanted to see, I can almost smell the incense from here. 

The slide out looks good too. Maybe it's time too add an interior to it!

Reminds me of a camper I started to scratch build many years ago using the Monogram F350 dually as it's mate, so it's big. I'll have to find that one and post it here. It's not finished, but seeing other projects here might kick start me to finish it.

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5 hours ago, Repstock said:


If you look about 2/3 of the way down this page, almost all the in-progress pictures of my Hess conversion are present. I hope they can help you with yours.

Tom Ellifritt


Those are awesome! Hope you don't mind I copied and pasted them here for others to see.
















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6 hours ago, 57peppershaker said:

Hope I dont get busted for this, but this is a Johnny Lightning 1:64. Sure wish something late like this was avail in 1:25. Be great with Revells Silverado


Why not make your own? Camper shapes are easy, it's just a box with a lot of little boxes around it. I'd love to see this built.

Scale it to the Revell Silverado, Draw some side profiles on grid paper, Grab some Evergreen sheet plastic and start cutting!

Look at what Repstock did with the interior of the GMC Motorhome, none of those details came in the original RV. He built all that from box shapes of sheet plastic. 

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9 hours ago, disconovaman said:

Here is one I seen at the IPMS show back in February.




This is great, I really like seeing all the added little paraphernalia that makes it look like someone is actually using the truck, but stepped out for a quick *ahem* pitstop.

Even the colors reflect the 70s taste in earth tones!

I can't see for sure - but I wonder if there is a "Good Sam" sticker on the back panel. 


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