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It isn't that apparent from this angle but the front/door end is rounded too.  I thought that maybe the Bowuls Papoose was just a nickname for the trailer.  It was at the LGS historic races some years ago.  Thanks for the info Tom.

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On 4/29/2021 at 10:43 PM, Brian Austin said:

This is a fun thread.  I don't have one of my own to share at the moment, but I was reminded of an eBay listing from several years ago of a '40s salesman's sample model.  IIRC it was 1:24 scale or thereabouts.











Man I love this one! I have a ton of respect for whoever created the model itself with all the slopes and rounded corners. Looking at the base I am guessing it is carved from wood much like a lot of the car models built for the old Fisher Body Craftsman Guild competitions of the 1960's.

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On 4/18/2018 at 10:02 PM, Repstock said:

Truck must not have a sleeper.

Sure it does, he's right there in the hammock!

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