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Hello friends, we continue to assemble the model, the steering system has been modified so that the wheels could turn as in reality. Pieces of the cabin are prepared to be painted. The assembly is slowing down due to lack of information in the part painting scheme.


If you have not seen the first part here I leave the link:


Greetings and I hope you like it

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The Team Chimera truck is the transporter truck for the show/race truck Chimera designed by Jan Richter and built by Sven-Erik "Svempa" Bergendahl from Stockholm Sweden, Italeri also did the limited edition Dark Diamond, Black Amber and Blue Shark from the Svempa/Richter design team.

Just for information, the engine in this kit is not right as it's the old 14.2 litre displacement DS14 wich originally came in the Scania 140 series in 1969, Italeri has used this engine since the first Scania truck kit they made back in the 80's, it was correct back then but even tho' it's modified some it's definately not correct for the R730.
Scania replaced the DS14 with the DC16 in 2002, first with 15.6 litre displacement but later increased to 16.4 litre wich the 730 is, and even if it still is a V8 it looks quite different.
Picture of the old DS14.

Picture of the later correct DC16 wich should have been in the kit...and all Italeri Scania kits with V8 since 2002.


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Hello partner, I realized when I wanted to detail the engine and saw that it did not correspond. It's a shame but hey, it's what it is, I'll put it to be able to beat the cab and see the engine. A greeting friend and thank you very much for the comment.

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