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1959 Cadillac hearse junker

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1 hour ago, DumpyDan said:

That's cool, and the tow truck is also very interesting.  Is the a link to see it being built?

Thanks, I didn't take pics of the Caddy being built but the truck is on the first page of "on the workbench" & "under glass" in the truck sections. I'm not sure how to add a link, I'm not a computer guy at all.


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I love this, great build. The weathering looks fantastic and the subject matter is awesome. My favorite car is the 59 Caddy Hearse.

My only comment would be, that with it being a "junker", the front windshield is too clean and perfect. Maybe add a crack of some "Dirt" overspray. Otherwise perfect build.

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Love the 'moss' effect, quite realistic, on a long standing vehicle. As previously said maybe the glass is too clean.
Personally I would change the grill for the Monogram Eldorado/Seville or re pop one to get rid of the 'Ecto' lights.

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