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33 ford phantom roadster pickup

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That looks really nice. It makes me wonder about the same idea with a closed cab. I'm curious, though. Was the word "Phantom" used back that far? No criticism at all, I'm just fascinated by slang and its history.

Thanks. Lee

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Very natural looking body and bed combination. I know Ford made Roadster style trucks but I'm not sure when they stopped. This is very nice looking and if Ford didn't offer it then they should have.

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The term "Phantom" as it's used here is a modern, like 1980s-90s+ term. It refers to a car built in a version that the factory did not originally sell. It's most used on hot rods of the 1920s to 1940s. But has more recently been applied throughout motorsports. Like a phantom 2010 Firebird Trans Am. Or a phantom 1934 Ford C400. Or one of my ideas, a 1937 Ford T-Bird.

This pickup falls right into line with a phantom I've had in mind since the 1960s. A 1933-34 Ford pickup using the coupe/sedan front with a pickup bed. In some years, Ford built the pickups with the same front clip as the  passenger cars. But in 33-38, the trucks were quite different.  I've also had in mind '36 and '37 pickups built this way. Hard tops as well as convertible cabs.

Back IIRC in the 90's, a Contest Annual issue of that other model mag showed a similar '37 Ford pickup with passenger car front clip.

Nice job Glen!

What cab back did you use? Is it scratched? The bed looks like Revell '37.

Those questions were answered right in the 1st post...derr...

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This looks so right. I did the same transplant back in the '80's and combined the same '40 parts with a Rolls Royce body by Entex.I actually used some left over Pontiac Grand Prix interior parts including the dash and they fit surprisingly well.

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the rolls sounds interesting, ill have to give that some visual attention since i do have a built kit i picked up few years ago,   thanx   this is another i recently finished. it was started by a fellow modeler (Dean) RIP



20170901_102217 (3).jpg



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