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US ARMY M911 C-HET & M747 trailer Finished !!

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I started weathering the tractor while the trailer sealer dried..I used AK sand /desert camo Panel liner like a wash..then streaked the pigments w testors. I really like the used look it created..hopefully you'll agree 




More to come ! 

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Officially calling this done !! My idea for trailers load didnt pan out so its rolling empty likely off awaiting its next mission, which makes sense with the raised tag axle ! 

I'll add pics tonite,  first set came out too dark

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22 hours ago, 89AKurt said:

Wow, it's not very aerodynamic. :P  Awesome job sir, love the weathering.

Lol yeah its definitely like driving a brick , 

Thanks everyone for the feedback 

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Very nice, I will have to show this to my son when he gets back from his National Guard training in 2 weeks, it looks like something he would drive. He is a horizontal engineer in the Army, a fancy way of saying heavy equipment operator.

Great detailing and realistic weathering.

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