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Otaki 1/12 Lamborghini Countach Twin Turbo...Mission Statement

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Dann...nice to see you back at this project. Your suspension and accessories work is superb. You treat each piece as a seperate model and it is showing. Big scale models take a ton of work but are always very impressive. Whenever I do a show its the fist thing people comment on if i take one. You will find over the years that the suspension on your kit is very stout and will stand the test of time. Mine has so far. 

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Dann...thanks for sharing your builds...great work, but hey I did not expect anything less when I started reading your thread.  Can't wait to see the finished model.  One of my favorite cars of all time.

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On 5/13/2020 at 2:45 AM, Dann Tier said:

BEAUTIFUL!!!....love that targa top!!....fenders look GREAT too!!!....i will be building one of these too in 1/20 some day.

Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. 

Looking forward to updates on your build. 

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On 5/14/2020 at 12:49 PM, Twokidsnosleep said:

Ahh I can see this kit is much nicer than the 1/16 Fujimi I was considering

Good to know, dodged a bullet

Yes they are....VERY exspensive though, but i'm glad you did dodge that bullet, Bud!

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Hey, everyone!, i'm back at this Beast!....continuing on with the front end bonnet work -got a bunch of bits made, and ready for paint!!

-Photo 1&2; The black bit is whats suppose to be the heater blower unit....as you can see, it was wrong in EVERY single way, so i made my own.

-Photo 3; This is the windshield washer fluid container i made -needs a cap later.

-Photo 4; I decided to make the often overlooked A/C condenser unit.

-Photo 5; This is all you get for a horn...

-Photo 6; ...this is what you shoulda got...

-Photo 7&8; These are the master cylinder bits you get in the kit...not bad, but i still needed to modify them for realism.

-Photo 9-11; Here i made the climate control valve unit.

-Photo 12-14; I decided to upgrade the battery, and make my own realistic side-mount clamps on standard posts.

-Photo 15; Here is my brake line proportionating valve. There are several, but this will be the only visible/main one.

-Photo 16; And lastly, i made the brake booster vacuum line plug.

















Edited by Dann Tier
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On 7/15/2020 at 10:40 AM, Slimguy said:

I always enjoy seeing your work Dann.  Really terrific craftsmenship as usual.  Can't wait for your next post on this build.

Thanks alot, Bud!, i'm glad you enjoy them!....i am actively painting these recent bits now!

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Hey, everyone!, heres another little update;

-Photo 2; To add more realism, i decided to mask, and paint things in a way that looks like the parts have fluids in them....the following photos are how i did it....

-Photo 3; Battery cells...brake fluid, and washer fluid...

-Photo 6; I painted opaque white wherever the plastic is the thickest, then over-sprayed the entire bit until the desired transluscency was achieved.

-Photo 7; I'm pretty stoked with how they turned out!....next two steps will be decals, then semi gloss clear coat -then i get to put them all into the bonnet compartment!!








Edited by Dann Tier
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On 8/10/2020 at 3:34 PM, Mattilacken said:

Epic! By the looks of it I would expect it to run and drive when you are done! Looking good as always bud! Keep up the hard and incredible work! 

LOL....thanks, Bud!.....I'm gonna redo the fluid containers....they are too faint for my liking, but i gotta clean my model room first today. There will be more updates soon -thanks for following!!!

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