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The Red Devil - Jo-han Cadillac Sport Phaeton

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The weather's finally warm enough for painting, so I've been laying some paint on a few projects that need them.

Based on a car that was owned by a Mrs. Little, who eventually donated the car back to GM.  Testor's Model Master Ford Engine Red turned out to be a decent match for the "Satan Red" exterior, while the interior is Humbrol #60 Matt Scarlet.  Humbol Ivory was a close enough match for the "Puritan White" wheels on the original.




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31 minutes ago, Eric Macleod said:

I have seen the 1:1 in person a couple times. You nailed the color. I am watching this with great interest. 

Thanks, that's reassuring.   When all you have is photos to work with, it's not always easy to tell how close you're getting. 

I don't suppose you remember if the brake drums were painted the same colour as the rest of the body?

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4 hours ago, RomanII said:

Can someone please share an online source of information about the real vehicle?  I am not familiar and would like to know more.  Thank you.

Here's where I first found out about it.   It's also a gold mine of material for Cadillac V-16s in general  https://www.newcadillacdatabase.org/static/CDB/Dbas_txt/V6srv30.htm

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22 hours ago, Richard Bartrop said:

It's actually one of the easiest engines to wire, as everything is covered up.  You just have a short bundle of wires coming out one side of the distributor that runs into the cover between the cylinder banks.


Wow, that's a beautiful looking engine.  Very cool, no excuse to not finish now.  :P

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Fairly close.  I had tried set of whitewalls from one of the Monogram classics, but they're a little oversized.

I suppose the best answer would be as accurate as I can make it without incurring too much expense.  I do have an idea bout how I might make the taillights more accurate.

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I took another look at the Monogram tires.  The fit the Cadillac wheels well enough, but their outside diameter is a little larger, and I wasn't sure about how they filled the wheel wells.


So I took another look at the original, and that's close to what they're supposed to look like, so I think I'll go with there.  Here's hoping I can scrounge up two more.



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I managed to track down some more Humbrol Ivory, so I finished off the trim.  The end is in sight.


I applied some Tamilya Flat Black to the stone guard, figuring I'd use a little thinner to bring out the detail and...


This was I discovered how sensitive the chrome was to alcohol.  I've never had this happen before, including on other Jo-han kits, but this was one of the early ones, if that makes a difference?

In any case, some foil should take care of that.

On the other hand, it made dechroming the luggage rack easier. I added some ribs, and it will be painted body colour and the ribs will be foiled.




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Yes, I know, I build slow.

The interior is together.  The rear instrument panel had some engraving that wasn't on the real car, so I filled that in.  The front instrument cluster in the original car is finished in a black and chrome diamond pattern that would be microscopic at 1/25 scale, so I fudged a bit and painted it in Tamiya Metallic Grey with the bevels and knobs picked out with a Molotow pen.  The glass over the instruments was accomplished with multiple coats of Pledge Floor Gloss.


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