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When you love something you don't leave it. Well when you build you build a model you like, you build it again and again and that is what this project is about. I have done this one about 5 times.

I did the motorcraft 3 times, the folgers twice. 3 I sold and two end up in a part box. But I wanted to start having a build collection. I have many but in boxes still and when I get a deal I buy them. Love the wheels and other parts for other racing projects. But I wanted to build it for me so I started to do more reserch on the car I found great references and now with more paciens and experience on the kit I decided to go for it. 



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On 7/14/2018 at 9:42 PM, iBorg said:

did you remove the center section? Any hints at doing it?


I was looking at aftermarket rims that came in two piece and I said. let me try. One reason is that when you try painting the center, I get paint buildup and I also wanted to have the see thru, for more realistic look.

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Looking good! What did you use for all the dash detailing up by the steering wheel and gauges, and what did you use for those little anodized fittings? If it weren't for the resin-colored body and surroundings, you could probably fool me into thinking it was real

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There is a place outside of boyertown pa. Three Dogs Garage. The owner collects these cars. Great place .. Really cool cars. I don't know if they still have there website , had some cool detail photo. They were restoring the Strohs cougar. Great job with your car. Looks good

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This looks great, when I was in the Navy at Corry Station in Pensacola they had a hobby shop that had this kit. I bought and built it twice. I need to start watching for eBay for it. I also know what you mean about finding a kit you love. I am that way about the old Monogram Porsche 911 curbside. It's not well detailed, but everytime I build one, I have fun. I built and rebuilt it as a kid and a couple years ago found it and redid it again. Now I seem to be on a mission to corner the market on them! lol

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