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1/25 MPC 890 - Joker Getaway Car


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Pretty much the same kit as the Sheriff Roscoe's Police Car (MPC 707) reissued a few year ago, this time with new box art and a resin Joker figure. "Stock Dodge Monaco" might be a bit of a stretch with the super-deep steel wheels and matching tires, though...


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Today I loosely assembled the front subframe and unibody floorpan pieces from an AMT '71 Dodge Charger R/T kit, then placed both inside the MPC '77 Dodge Monaco body shell (with the Monaco's interior tub in place, too) like so:




Looks like a great fit, eh? Well, it is. A very, very good fit, in fact, and that's the problem. Not sure why I never realized this previously, but the wheelbase on the MPC '77 Monaco Sedan is incorrect, probably because this kit was derived directly from the annual Dodge late B-body kits/promos, which were all coupes, not sedans. You see where this is going, right? The '77 Dodge Monaco sedan's wheelbase measures 117.4", while for a '77 Monaco coupe it measures 114.9", for a difference of 2.5" between the two. Now, admittedly, that equates to only .100" on a 1/25 scale model, but, to some, that matters. The '71 Dodge Charger's wheelbase measures 115", so it's no surprise the Charger kit's 'chassis' wheelbase lines up nearly perfectly with the (incorrect) MPC '77 Monaco sedan's wheel openings.

I'm sure this minor wheelbase discrepancy has been mentioned previously, and probably well known among fans or this particular kit, but did nobody care? Or is it a case of things being fudged here and there to make it all look close enough to fool the average Joe? Maybe that .100" is below the threshold for noticing?

TL;DR: The AMT '71 Charger R/T's 'chassis' is a near perfect fit under the '77 Monaco sedan's body.


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Don't forget : 1975-1978 B-bodies also had engine bays that were redesigned ---- don't use the Charger's 'bay , as it'll be incorrect .   Also , 1974 was the last year for the 8 3/4 differential ; a Dana 44 would "look" like a Chrysler 9 1/4 , which was the former's replacement when the 360 four barrel , 400 four barrel , and 440 were the engine .

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1 hour ago, Rob Hall said:

75 B-body was the Coronet.  They didn’t switch to the Monaco name until 77. 

Correct amundo . The  Coronet name stuck around through 1976 ( Plymouth's Satellite name changed to Gran Fury for 1975 ) ; however , I maintain that the B-bodies' engine compartments did change for 1975 .

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On 8.9.2018 at 3:11 AM, Casey said:

Here's a look inside the T.J. Hooker version of this same kit, from 1982: http://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/906/mpc-dodge-monaco-police-car




They should reisue this one with a William Shatner figure (or maybe a Heather Locklear figure would give more sales?:lol: )
I used to watch this show when I was a kid, always a car chase that ended in crash in some stack of carboard boxes in a alleyway and the badguys running away with Shatner just behind them.

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