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1980 big tire mustang rebuild “John wick”

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So a few weeks ago I was getting ready to put my old build up for sale then a paint can  can fell on it. This forced me to rebuild the car with the extra mclaren body I had, but I’m not going to sell it. I’m trying to step up my chassis skills with this build as long with the entire detail of the car.

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52 minutes ago, mvadrag said:

I see that you have a few of these outlaw big tire projects in work in this forum.  Where do you source your turbochargers?

I order some from eBay/ China and the others I make with resin

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It’s been a while as far as updates for this car. I’ve got the 4 link all figured out, now I need to build the wheelie bars then I put the panels in and wrap her up 







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17 hours ago, retroguy said:

great scratch work,how did you do the splatter paint on the chassis...

Walmart sells some iron paint for $6 and it’s looks really good, I’d use the rustoleum clear with it tho

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