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1 hour ago, Warren D said:

What happens when they go down hill??

Maybe it goes the other way like a teeter totter.. ;)      My guess for the high rear is ground clearance to keep it from bottoming out or dragging on rough unpaved roads?

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5 hours ago, Little Timmy said:

I dont think anybody noticed .... that truck at the 52 sec. mark almost had  the load shift. Lifted the right rear wheel off the ground.

Scary !

I did and that's why I started this topic.
They have obviously not heard of what a high center of gravity will do to the caracteristics of the vehicle, and ground clearance is not why they do it, the front is lowered so much that they can't pass a speed bump without scraping the bumper on the ground.
So it's totally insane in my opinion and I would not drive one of these loaded at speed.

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