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Drop Tank 'Liner


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I built this 20 years, or so, back. It was built using a vac-formed drop tank that I found in a closeout pile at a local shop. I covered it with tooling aluminum. Tires and wheels are from the parts box. Rear tires were made by contact cementing two inserts from Revell's dragster/pro stock/FC kits together, then covering the seam with electrical tape. Wheel discs were punched from tooling aluminum sheet, as well. Radius rods, etc. are from the parts box. Rivets were made using the time-tested "scriber" method. I carved wood bucks to heat-form the scoops, and used an aircraft prop cone for the tail. The model was an exercise in trying new techniques, and design, and, clearly was never intended to be a detailed "replica" of a salt flats/dry lakes racer. Comments/criticisms  welcome, as always! Mods, feel free to move it to wherever you think it needs to go!






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Thanks, all, for the comments! The tooling aluminum is an excellent medium for applications in which malleability is necessary. It's soft, like aluminum foil, but of heavier gauge. I used it to form the splash aprons on the '34 I completed, last year. It was a natural, for the skin, on this model. Today, I am playing with an open-mold to cast a half of one of these rear tires. I used the sidewall insert from a Revell/Monogram dragster/FC slick and rounded the shoulder, and sanded off the lettering. By casting it in two halves, I can insert plastic sheet between the halves to adjust the width of the tires, if necessary. If I have success, I'll post results, etc., on the appropriate board. Thanks again for looking!

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