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"The Stig Collection" -Ferrari California Spyder

Dann Tier

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Hey everyone!, this is my Italeri Ferrari California Spyder. A lot of people don't like Italeri, or Testors-Italeri, but apart from slightly brittle plastic, and a million ejection pin marks, they have some great details and textures! I would build one any day over an AMT, REVELL, Monogram, or Lindberg!  Its fully detailed, and has Fujimi wheels n tyres, and seats from my spares bin. The carbs are SB from many bits of styrene.





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6 hours ago, Ich_Will said:

I like the Testors/Italier kits. I built so many as a kid and still have most of them. I'd like to redo them now that I have more patience but it's hard to justify the redundancy. Great work as usual Dann.

I,ve only got 15 completed models over 35+ years of building, and I've built around 100. I redo my builds all the time, and get rid of the old ones....lol

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16 minutes ago, THORDOOR220 said:

Good looking car! I didn't even know Testors made model kits. Might have to look into getting one. Also, gotta ask, how did you do the seats? Those look more realistic than most I've seen, if not all.

Thanks, Michael! The testors kits are reboxed  Fujimi, Italeri, Maybe even ARII, and others..I cant remember where I got the seats from, but I had to cut the headrests off them. As you know, seats like these are hard to find.

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