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Fujimi BMW 5 Series Schnitzer S5

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All, this was finished a few months ago, but I was quite annoyed at the fact that the AC Schnitzer decals fell apart when trying to apply, that i lost the heart to post it... I thought I'd take advantage of the sun today to post some pics.

It is coated in Tamiya Silver base coat, BMW green touch up paint (filtered for large flakes) and clear coated with 1K Zero paints without any polish.

the kit is basic, but builds up ok, there is a build thread on this site too.

the interior is turquoise, but doesn't suit the car. If I was to do this again, the interior would be black, white or cream.

All the decals were shot on this kit, they looked OK, but they disintegrated when trying to apply.

Comments and criticisms welcome!











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I've got some older Fujimi kits and the decals have done the same thing...no matter what you do they end up in a dozen small pieces.  I'm trying some 'decal restore' on a set of them to see if that makes any difference.

I feel your pain but it looks good...although I will agree that a black or beige interior would have suited it better.  Either way it turned out great.

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