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Tamiya R33 Skyline


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I think I might be a little obsessed with Skylines....lol 

Heres my R33.

As usual, getting rid of the mould seam lines and worked on the panel lines:

Then on to primer, but i forgot to take a photo of this, so on to paint.....which is where the trouble starts  :banghead: 
At first it looked good, Ford Diamond white:

Looked pretty good, right? Then this happened:

Despite leaving the paint to cure for a couple of days, it was still soft and had left this impression on the bumper where it was leaning on something. I later found out that i forgot to add hardener to the 2k paint i used, so it was time to strip and start again.  :banghead: 
I wasn't very happy with the finish anyway, as i had lost some fine details because i went too heavy with the spray gun. 
I'm not working with an optimum set up at the moment so im blaming that on my mistakes  :oops: 
One bottle of isopropyl alcohol and Amazon Prime later: 

Thankfully as far as strip downs go, it went without a hitch and turned out quite well, despite technically not having enough alcohol to fully submerge the body and chassis. Some scrubbing later and i was back to square one:

So....take two:




This time i used a different paint, from an aerosol and its actually a Nissan color so....accuracy? lol

Whats most important is the paint actually cured solid, as did the lacquer so I wet sanded it and buffed it to a shine:


So with crisis averted I moved onto detailing the chassis:



Thats all for now! x

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So i'm getting ready to finish this one up, and I joined the chassis to the body and discovered the wheels I wanted to use didn't really look right.
They are stock wheels from an R32 which I painted white to go with the theme of this car, but they look way too small in the arches.
So I tried the stock R33 wheels that came with the kit, and they too had the same problem. 
They just look tiny in the arches, even with the tyres.
There are the R32 wheels I was going to use:


They look even worse when you cant really see the tyres like in the pics.....so I experimented with a set of spare R34 wheels from my Z-tune kit (it has its own Nismo wheels which i'll be using for that project, so these are literally spares), and i'm liking the result. 
The R33 tyres dont really fit, they're slightly too narrow and are really stretched over the rim, but I'm liking the way they look, and if I paint the rims black they should look even better.


As you can see it fills the arch way better, as its a slightly bigger rim. I think with a gloss black paint job (or maybe white like the original plan?) these should look pretty sick.

Ideally i'd just buy a set of rims but I only know of Hiroboy that sells them and they never actually seem to have any stock of anything, plus my budget doesn't really stretch that far as a set of wheels can cost just as much as a whole kit so you just gotta make the best of what you got.

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