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On ‎8‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 9:29 AM, OldTrucker said:

Great 60's band!B)

In Jr High and High School I was in a band and we covered some of their songs!

Itchycoo Park and Lazy Sunday Afternoon were the most requested of them!:lol:

A friend / coworker of mine ( he's 65 ) recounted a brief story to me regarding Itchycoo Park :  

He heard me listening to the song on my phone while I was on lunch at work , and he was taken aback by hearing the song again (and furthermore that I'm a fan of the Small Faces) . He said , "I remember when that song came out ! My friend went-into [ a department store ] in [ Chicago Heights ] , grabbed the 45 [ of Itchycoo Park ] off the shelf , stuffed it up his shirt , and walked out . We listened to it over and over again ! "

I recently bought There Are But Four Small Faces ( their first  U.S.  release ) . It's a double-disc set ; one disc is mono ( my favourite mix ) , and the second disc is stereo . I gave him the stereo mix to listen to ---- he was beaming ! I'm sure that he felt 15 years old again . I ended up just gifting the stereo disc to him , as I recognised how much joy it brought to him .

Steve Marriott is such an underrated vocalist ---- just a Soulful delivery , a wide range that's incredible . Those pipes from a thin , 5'4" 'Artful Dodger' from England ! Too much !  He really brings that Blue Eye Blues voice out in Humble Pie .

Thanks for sharing your story !

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