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Deuce Hi-Boy Replica - details of some parts - Aug 30


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I have started a new project for a display at Deuce Days in Scale which is the model car show component of Northwest Deuce Days next July in Victoria BC that will be maybe is the largest gathering of ’32 Ford hot rods ever. The plan is to have models of the cars on the event t-shirt displayed at the model show on t-shirts. This particular project involves building a model of the purple H-Boy, which is owned by Marty Stills from Colorado. When this one is done I plan to build a replica of the Tom Gloy owned – Brizio built Lo-Boy Deuce.


At first I thought it would be a pretty straightforward build but the car has a number a distinctive features that needed to be fabricated. To replicate the combination of the beam front axle and the finned front brake housings, I adapted parts from the recent Revell ’29 Ford kit. I was surprised to find the ’29 axle to be wider than the ’32. The track became even wider to get the necessary exposure of the finned brake housings. That in turn meant that I also had to widen the rear track. The finned brake backing plates were fabricated from Evergreen styrene siding. To get the front low, the ’29 spring was replaced with a cut down ’32 spring.

Another distinctive feature is the windshield frame. I fabricated this using the sides from the Phantom Vickie, top from a ’32 5-W and a scratch built bottom. The cowl of course had to be filled and smoothed. I have also made up a 5-gauge oval dash and have converted the Ford small block to a standard transmission.

I probably will not get much more done before October as I am going to be away most of September.

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2 hours ago, Mr. Metallic said:

I've been wanting to try to scratchbuild one of those windshields for some time now. Yours came out really nice.

I'll be following along on this one

Thanks Craig - I already chopped it an addition 2mm from my first attempt and it still might need another mm or so. I also think I will make the windshield opening more parallel.

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Here are some details on the parts I have modified

Front axle - here you can see the fitting of the '32 spring on the '29 axle front which I removed the steering link bracket. I initially used too small a drill to drill the beam axle. As you can see I had trouble keeping it centered. I would recommend using a bit that just fits the recess.


Steering - I attached the '32 steering linkage to the '29 tie rod


Shock/headlight Mount - Because of the additional lowering the geometry of the front shocks to the mounts changes. To compensate for this I cut away the shock and drilled into the housing so I can achieve the correct positioning once I decide on the final location and configuration of the mount. I am using the '29 shocks, mounts and headlights.


Front wheels and brakes - I made up inner wheel rims and came up with a mounting arrangement to give the correct exposure to the finned brake housings. I recessed in new finned backing plates made from Evergreen styrene.


Engine/transmission - I replaced the automatic transmission on the '32 kit small block Ford with the standard transmission from the Hemi in the "32 5-W


Rear axle - Something I have done on a number of Revell 1/25  '32 models is to remove the airbags and replace them with Evergreen rod the small size as the mounting holes in the floor. This allows easy establishment of the desired stance and upon final assembly are hardly noticible.


Dash - I cut out the panel on the kit dash to be replaced with a panel with an oval opening for the engine turned 5-gauge panel decal I Photoshopped.


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