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'62 Corvette Roadster (Revell)


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Hi folks,

some months ago, I did the Revell kit of the '62 Corvette Roadster.

I think the kit is great and the only issue I was facing was replacing the "chrome" on the kit's parts by something looking a bit more "real"...

Hope you like it, here we go:



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Thanks folks, for your kind feedback. I'm glad you like the Vette...


16 hours ago, Gramps46 said:

The brochures on the passenger seat a clever touch.

Yes, they are nice, but in fact, they are more a lovely touch by Revell as they are included in the kit! Thoughtful of them, isn't it? ;)


12 hours ago, Snake45 said:

'62 Vette in Honduras Maroon...

Well, actually it's a metallic red Ferrari color from Gravity Colours. B) It's quite similar to the color used on one of the models shown on the kit's box, which I liked a lot...

4 hours ago, tmb727 said:

Is the "CORVETTE" on the nose a decal? 

Yes, it's a decal. The kit's body comes with the CORVETTE letters done as raised letters but there is also a decal included for those who want to make it easy on themselves... The decal looked good, so I sanded down the raised letters and used it. I'm happy with it! :rolleyes:

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Thanks again, folks!


5 hours ago, Lovefordgalaxie said:

Not a fan of the wheels, but loved the paint job. 

Yesss... You either like these wheels or you don't...


3 hours ago, om617 said:

Did the wheels come with the kit?

Yes, you have the option to go for stock or custom wheels. Even though normally I'm not a fan of custom parts on a beautiful vintage car, I went for those custom wheels because I think the Vette looks a bit too "tame" on stock wheels. The body had to be lowered just a tiny bit in order to make it all look nice.

I skipped the custom decals though (flame decals to be applied on the side of body...) :blink:

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Thanks again folks!

On 9.9.2018 at 6:27 PM, Dave Darby said:

That color is perfect for that car. What is it?

This is "Ferrari Rosso Metallizzato" from Gravity Colors Europe, item no. GC-217. And 2k clear on top of that...

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