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1998 Ford Mustang Super Stallion


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Revell kit mostly OOB, but had some simplified bits (which are actually carry overs from the snap-tite Shinoda Boss kit) swapped out with guts from the '99 Cobra. Front suspension was missing springs and shocks, so that and IRS came from the 99. However, while the interiors are the same sans small differences in door panels and seats, the SS's chassis had to be swapped with the Cobra's as the former had indents that were meant for the solid rear axle setup and wouldn't work with the IRS. My kit despite being sealed, had a horribly deformed (short shot?) steering wheel, so I found a replacement parts one from what appears to be a Monogram '70 Mustang Boss. 

The one off 5.4 DOHC engine (just DOHC heads on a SOHC truck 2 valve motor, which is different than the 4.6) while somewhat simplified and based on the 5.0 in the Shinoda Boss, was used as is considering you won't see much of it with the supercharger and all. However, the '99 Cobra's exhaust had to have the tips trimmed so it would not interfere with the body-to-frame fit frame and also had the tranny cross-member at a different place and shape and wouldn't work with the 5.4. So out went that and in came the brace from the Super Stallion chassis that was cut and placed to aprox it's original location. 

Paint is Testors Color Shift Emerald Turquoise cleared with Pledge. Color looks like a metal flake British Racing Green in the pics, though in certain lighting you can see somewhat of a shift to Blue.







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I know the one you're talking about as it's in the "Create FX" glitter line, which I avoid as some ppl who used it says it dries flat and textured and sanding won't cut it. 

This is the one I used, purchased from Hobby Lobby



I'm aware that one has larger flakes and compared to the larger Rustoluem Color Shift cans I used to get at Lowes. I thought it was mislabeled as it looks like a metal flake British Racing Green, but then I found out that the colorshifting only shows up in certain points of light but is much harder to see than the Rustoluem version.

Ether way, i'm stil happy with the color even if it's mostly dark met green (don't have many builds in that color). 


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Great job!  I like the color.  It would probably help if you took the pictures outside with the sun behind you.  I have used color shifting paint in the past and it's the only lighting that photographs well.  Below is what I am writing about.  If this hijacks your thread, please let me know, and I will edit the post and delete the picture.


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