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1977 Dodge Monaco 1/18 Scale GreenLight Diecast

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This is a video of the recently put out GreenLight 1/18 scale Dodge Monaco, its a real beauty. I already taken it apart and detailed the interior a little bit, I also bought the 1/18 scale 1975 Plymouth Fury, these are great vehicles!!

Also they are going to be releasing the 1977 Fury as well, and it will be in an Army Military Police version for the A team Line also they will have a 1977 Fury New York New Jersey Port Authority car too.








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Very cool cars.I have a medium size police car collection in different scales.I just bought the NYPD 75 Fury.I love it,great car,and great details.I may buy the Hunter un marked car.I also have an 87 NYPD Caprice.Police cars are cool.

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On 10/10/2018 at 11:06 AM, migace said:

New ones coming soon!










Cool,I really like the NYPD Port Authority car.Like I said,I have the 1/18th scale,Hunter Dodge.Then yesterday I was at a swap meet,and found a smaller one.I Never remember the scale of the smaller cars,ex.JL size cars.And I just bought an 09 black Crown Vic unmarked car,in mint condition.Man these cars can fly,and handle like a sports car.I love my new CVic.:D




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