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Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona/Competizione *


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23 hours ago, Dann Tier said:

I cant get enough of these Enthusiast kits!!!

Hey Dann, Thanks !:)

appreciate the comments everyone

Found this one too...

Coach work by Michelotti     chassis #15965 https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/MO18/Monterey/lots/r0127-1972-ferrari-365-gtb4-nart-spider-competizione-by-michelotti/697384

Image result for ferrari 365 gtb /4 nart



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thanks Dann
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11 minutes ago, Belugawrx said:

How much money did that cost you JC ?


Sorry Bruce I don't remember, I bought it several years ago.  However for the level of quality, HRM's products are very reasonably priced.

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Great , thanks Jc.

I will be replicating this from the lowly 1:24 Fujimi kit..... #23....probably save $100.00 , or more on after market parts,...plus shipping and exchange...

trying my best to scratch what doesn't come with the original kit...intake trumpets , gas feeds, alternator brackets, carburetor triggers,   ..yno...



IMG_6480 (700x525).jpg

IMG_6490 (700x525).jpg

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On 9/14/2018 at 2:13 PM, Italianhorses said:

Italeri is a GREAT kit. Except for one thing - tires.

The wheels aren't correct for the race car either but HRM to the rescue.



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2 hours ago, Belugawrx said:


I do think I will pick up a set of those wheels and tires.

See if I can't stuff them under the regular flares...

They're sold out:( at the the link AFX  posted. Here's another source.


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With Bruce's permission here are photos of the Italeri kit with the HRM wheels.  Note the fender flares are a different shape to HRM and the kit provides a brake (?) cooling duct sometimes seen on the cars.


Front & back of the HRM wheels.


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These cars are such magnificent brutes. Loving seeing yours come together and currently now sorting out whether or not I can justify the cost of the kit, the transkit, and hopefully some aftermarket decals to build Preston Henn's car as driven by Janet Guthrie, Lyn St. James, and Bonnie Henn...

Inspiration is awesome and expensive. 


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