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Porsche 928 S (1/24 scale, Fujimi)


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Hi folks,

this is a build I finished just this week. A rather easy side project to relax while taking a break from my lengthful work on the Rothman's Porsche 956. It's basically a simple curbside kit by Fujimi that was unnecessarily complicated by fitting issues on the front and rear body parts. It took quite some glueing, filling and sanding to make the body properly hold those parts. As a consequence, the original panel lines on those parts - the black ones which are characteristic of the 928 - got lost. I used thin stripes of black 3M laser plotter foil to re-created those lines.

The rims originally included in the kit - those in the "telephone dial design" - have not been used because they looked somewhat chunky. And those rims have mainly been used on the series 1 Porsche 928, most of the 928 S had the so-called "Gullydeckel"-rims. So I used those wheels from the Fujimi 928 S4 kit instead. Btw, "Gullydeckel" is the German word for manhole cover and if you take a look at the following image of a German manhole cover, you will probably get the point. :lol:


Now to some model images, hope you like them.






A meet among brothers...



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Thanks, folks!

19 hours ago, Scalper said:

I think I built that 911 kit.. black midnight or something like that it was called

Thanks Andre, do you mean the Fujimi 964 turbo "Black Star"? Guess it was called like that only because it was molded with black plastic. But that's not it here... :rolleyes:

17 hours ago, djmcguire said:

Both look good to me and would have never known that you had fitment issues with the body...

Thanks Daniel. Yes, it worked out alright but as I mentioned, you should not be forced to face such issues on an assumingly easy-to-build curbside kit by Fujimi...

15 hours ago, Jim N said:

Great job.  The blue paint looks spectacular!

Thanks to you too, Jim. This paint is actually an automotive paint from the can. It's a little bit out of scale but it looks okay, I think. Had to avoid flashlight photos though... :unsure:

14 hours ago, Dann Tier said:

SEHER WUNDERBAR!!!......those are a couple of beautiful Porsches!!, I have the Koenig 928 to do some day...

DANKESCHÖN Dann! I still have the series 1 Porsche 928 (the "non-S") by Revell, the S4, the GT and the Koenig by Fujimi to do. And guess what - the 911 on the lower photos is an Italeri (with Fujimi rims and tyres though)!

14 hours ago, FabbricaP said:

Awesome build! Love the 964 as well. I’ve always liked the ‘ugly duckling’ 928. Very underated imo.

Thanks, Jason. Yes, the 928 has been in the shadows of his older, yet more sportive brother since day 1. It was originally designed to replace the 911 within a couple of years with it's much more modern technical concept but we all know how that turned out. :lol: Yet the 928 has been built for 18 years in considerable numbers. I always liked the car but now I love it.

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21 hours ago, unclescott58 said:

I've always like the 928. And your model, Thomas is beautiful. 

Thanks Scott, glad you like it.


20 hours ago, thebronze said:

Nice  job.... Funny I just bought a 1:1 set of these wheels for VW Cabriolet... lol


Hi Kevin, thanks, well now you know how to call them... :D

They must be OLD, but they sure look like they're in good condition. What kind of a VW is it - latest Beetle?

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Thanks again, folks!

On 21.9.2018 at 10:14 PM, Funkychiken said:

I have to say that the 911 steals the show tho!

I was just waiting for that pro-911 comment. I like them both but they are very different, and that is good! :rolleyes:

Btw, working on another 911 right now...

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