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1969 AMC AMX


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@Classicgas I don't fully remember where the engine came from, but this kit was originally the Shirley Shahan AMX, so I do believe it had the proper engine, instead of the other 69 AMX Johan kit where they put a 67 AMC engine in it instead. I'll get some more pictures of the engine and underside when I get the chance to. 

@Snake45 The paint is actually from a spray can of Testors Metallic Green enamel. Its probably the nicest paint job I've ever done and I don't think I could do it again.

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For whatever reason the pics aren't showing on my end at work on IE. I went on my phone and WOW! Very, very nice! As some know, I once owned the 1:1 of this car------a '69 with the 390/4spd. One of the best cars I've ever owned!

Absolutely terrific color on yours!

1 hour ago, majel said:

AMX has always been one of my favorite cars from the muscle car era.  Don't see to many of them around anymore, good job on yours!

One of mine too, and no....even at the car shows there just aren't many of them. What I liked best about mine is I very seldom saw myself coming and going. When I did pass someone with an AMX (or any old AMC for that matter), we'd wave to each other. ;) 

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