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'57 Corvette


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On 6/10/2018 at 7:40 PM, GMCMAN52 said:

Nice looking Vette

Thank you John!

On 6/10/2018 at 7:40 PM, Gramps46 said:

Very nice build of this classic.

Thank you Gary!

On 6/10/2018 at 7:47 PM, Deuces said:


Thank you Guido

On 6/10/2018 at 8:08 PM, GeeBee said:

Superb build, is this the AMT or Monogram version ??

Thank you Geoff. It's the AMT car culture series kit.

On 6/10/2018 at 8:39 PM, Straightliner59 said:

The color combo is excellent! Nice work!

Thank you Daniel!

On 6/10/2018 at 8:52 PM, Hi-Po said:

Simply stunning!  Nice color combo.

Thank you Terry!

On 6/10/2018 at 9:05 PM, Classicgas said:

That is beautiful.

Thank you Lee!

On 6/10/2018 at 9:15 PM, espo said:

All I can say is WOW. Looking at the paint, interior and engine compartment all of the finishes look perfect and dull were it should be and shinny were it is supposed to be. 

Thank you David!

On 6/10/2018 at 9:54 PM, robertw said:

That's a beaut and an excellent build and paint job  and your choice of colour combinations show what a classic car the 56/57 Corvette is.

Thank you Robert!

On 7/10/2018 at 1:35 AM, mredjr said:

Great job!!!

Thank you Elvin!

On 7/10/2018 at 1:36 AM, BeakDoc said:

Exceptional build. Love the color combo.

Thank you Chris!

On 7/10/2018 at 1:38 AM, Dave Darby said:

Beautiful build of an under rated kit. What brand is the paint?

Thank you Dave! It's Alclad copper metallic

On 7/10/2018 at 3:23 AM, cdgamble said:

very nice job

Thank you Charles!

On 7/10/2018 at 5:17 AM, charger74 said:

Great looking vette, i really like the color combo

Thank you Eric!

On 7/10/2018 at 5:22 AM, Bucky said:

Very cool Vette!! I like that color!!

Thank you Keith

On 7/10/2018 at 3:07 PM, vintagercr said:

Great looking Vette!

Thank you Steve!

On 7/10/2018 at 3:16 PM, landman said:


Thank you Pat!

On 7/10/2018 at 6:32 PM, unclescott58 said:


Thank you Scott!

21 hours ago, Zoom said:

Nice, and well done!

Thank you Bo!

17 hours ago, Dentz said:

what a gorgeous colour combo. all the sexy!



that air filter makes that engine! nice

Thank you Ed!

17 hours ago, Sledsel said:

A beautiful "Not Red" Corvette

Thank you Andy!

2 hours ago, ewetwo said:

Really nice.


Thank you David

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