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Yes Vince, i used the Molotow  Chrome pen, but didn't use any clear coats.

In many forums i read that it is very hard to get a good clear coat on this chrome, without the chrome reacting to the clear coat.

On the other hand, i think it don't need a clear coat because on my other finished models, it stays nice and shiny chrome at a long time.;)


Today the progress of the small details on the cab.

For the mirrors, i used the mirrors from the kit and modified them, made out of round styrene 2 new brackets for the mirrors and modified the supports like it is on the real Freightliner, and whit this modification i have a better glue contact with the cabin.


The brass shafts will be cut later, and the upper- and the lower side will be attached in the supports on the cabine, just put the brass pins inside the holes of the supports that are already glued on the cabine.

Then detailing the steps with a mesh of CTM and cut out these steps for a better  detail, painted the small door windows black, attach the handle bars on the cabine and on the inside of the fenders and for a better look, I have re-edited the chrome edges under the door.







Next job are the wipers, the bumper and the small grill above the bumper.

To be continued.






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Today i show you a small update but, mayby a interesting one.

After a lot of detailed work, the mirrors are now ready.

First  neatly chrome the mirrors with a molotow chrome marker, and the mirrors themselves with pieces of BMF.

Then i glued the supports on the doors with a little bit of Bison Kit, because this glue is really wonderful for this kind of details, and then i put the small brass pins into the holes of the supports, without gluing them.

And then.......





Yes, never no problems with accidentally knocking off the mirrors, with a stupid movement, or with transport to and from a modelshow.:rolleyes:

And a picture just for fun.


Ok guys, what remains now are the bumper, the wipers and the air horns.

To be continued.



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Hello gents,

On 6/12/2019 at 10:00 PM, chuckyr said:

What type or wind shield (screen whipers) will you use?

The screen whipers will be self made, out of styrene,  and completely according to the reference photos of the real one.

Håkan, Vince and Mark, thanks for the comments.


It's been a while, but it just continues here.

Today we start with the last steps of this uFreightliner.

We start with the building of the front bumper, it is not a easy task, because there are many round shapes in this small object.

I had to build it piece by piece, let the glue harden and than the next small pieces.

After a long process, it was time to sand the whole bumper and make the front open again.

In this open part a new plate will be placed that will contain all the holes, and there will be a natural border around this strip, just like the real one.


Source: Hank Truck Pictures, taken by Gary Morton.


Source: Hank Truck Pictures , taken by Gary Morton.

At the end I can decide whether I spray the entire bumper in black, or if I spray the middle strip in an aluminum color, it will depend on what looks best with this cab color.


The 2nd Bumper i still need to open the upper front, this bumper is for the Freihgtliner from Koos.


And for the looks, I have temporarily attached it to the chassis with double-sided tape.






Slowly but surely we are coming to an end,

Now making the steps, finish the bumper and make a bottom grill and wipers.

That was it for today!




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Hello gents,


First of all, thanks for the nice comments guys!

The small lights, steps, and the 3 license plates are also attached, I still doubted about the lights, but I finally i decided  to attach them in the openings of the  bumper .... luckily.

As far as the colors are concerned, I decided to spray the silver band on it,  a completely black bumper gave such a big black spot under the cabin, and the bumper fell away due to its black color, so at the end, it became to a lot of masking.
The silver comes back to the tanks, and with this I found the whole more consistent.

The final judgment is up to you. ?


And with the paintjob....





Yes, gentlemen, now that the bumper is attached, I believe that the sun visor actually does not really fit to this model, i had this just fitting, but found it in terms of looks more detrimental than doing well, this completely personal of course.
Good gentlemen, now i have to make the lower grill, an antenna and 2 windscreen wipers, and then it's done with this "retro" Freightliner.
See you next round!

And as last, a nice "retro" photo.





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Hello everybody,


Thansk for the nice comments guys!


Yep, today it's the last update about the contsruction of this project.

The windscreen wipers, antenna and the lower grill and air horns are now made, painted and the Wipers and antenna are attached to the cabin.

With the undergrill and the air horns i am still working on it with the Molotow Chrome marker.

For the air horns, i modified the parts from the latest 1/24 FLC-kit, the tubes have been reused, on which I have made 2 new front housings, which are made on a 1/25 scale.


The delicate job of wipers......


The antenna what i made from a 0.4mm metal wire.....



And the delicate work of the lower grill, which is now silver painted and placed loosely on the bumper for the looks.....



Yes gentlemen, just the last few things and then it's done with this one.





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Hello everyone,

The Freightliner is done, all the last details are on the cab and the only thing i had to do, is to make some outside pictures.

I want to thank everyone for their interest, constructive criticism and comments.

The rest of the pictures are in the " Under Glass"  section.



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