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freightliner FSBA

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so you have can see that i build together with Hermann on this project

we wil make some differents between both trucks , but stil have the front set back axle

its a challenge to do something like this and fun , thats important i think

here some pictures of my build sofar




other fueltanks




stil make here the new headlights and also new windshieldwipers



and now make the adjustments for the exhaust stack andsteering unit etc



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wel after a long break i wil go on with this one , Hermann and i have work together for this project , like talk about and find more info and ho ore we do the thinks

mine wil different becouse we dont want make it the same , so a other color and a bit longer frame i have also other type fueltanks and exhaust , picture [ there wil be 2 more yellow-orange stripes on it



and a dryfit with the bumper


so i find now a little more energy to go on and also on the other projects



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wel also go on with the feightliner , first have take a look witch color a use for the bumper , and its the orange-yellow


take some shots to look how its like


here with the exhaust , curved


and now work slowly to finishd this one


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