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Arni Beswick 65 GTO Help


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Does anyone know anything about Arnie Beswick's 64 GTO. From the pictures I have been able to find it looks like he may have had at least 2 different ones. All the color pictures I have are black interior and I found one on George Klass that looks like red interior. I also would like to know if he had a 4 speed in it. I know he ran it in 64 and 65 the 65 car had Cragars on it. Thanks for any help I know their is a restored car but it looks to be a little of a couple different versions. I am trying to get it finished to take to Atlanta in November.

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Race cars then changed almost weekly!

First, do you want the 64 or the 65?

I have a HRM feature on it (65) and I recall he had a Hydro 4 speed automatic in it that he replace with a GM auto ( I can't remember which.).

I can try to dig out the issue.

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Thanks Gary I am going to do the 64 because that is what the decals are for. I would like to do the 65 version with the Cragars on it But Cady didn't do the decals right. He did the Gay Pontiac in red & gold and it should have been dark blue and light blue. Thanks again.

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