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Fujimi Lamborghini Veneno


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Hi everyone,

For the first time in about a year I'm starting a new kit. This is also the first time I am posting on a forum, so keep that in mind.

I got myself the full engine kit of the Veneno (very hard and expensive to come by in Germany)

My hopes are maybe a few tips, a few people who like to stick around and maybe someone I can talk model stuff with :)

My skills are rusty and never been a pro. The kit will be hand-printed...no spray cans or airbrush (no location)


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Welcome!  You are taking on an ambitious project out of the gate!  What do you mean by "full engine kit"?  I see there seems to be a Fujimi kit with engine as an option.  I ask because I have bought other brand engines for kits that never had a full engine.

Several on eBay for whoever is interested.


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Yeah, I have seen the instructions and the body...it's going to be very tough with all the separate parts and hard edges. In the picture is part of the engine. As far as I know the standard kit has a one piece tub with parts of the engine moulded  itno it. That's what I meant with full engine. Started work on it and the brakes. They look really nice (just from the front)… first time I know of a manufacturer making the calipers that detailed and realistically sized!


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