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AMT 49 Ford Gas Man metal axles

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For those who have built this kit in it's latest release. I recall the old original release of the 49 Ford back in the 1960's having two metal axles, this kit I just received has one in it. i see two shafts on a tree in the packaging about the size of the metal axle, by chance are those meant to be axle shafts ? The instructions make no mention of this but show a metal axle for the rear and that's it.

Second question: there are no holes for an axle in the multi spoked custom wheels ( not the Cragar style wheel but the flatter ones) . What is with that ? Again no reference in the instructions so I appeal to those who have dealt with this kit already..

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The plastic stubs go in front.  Ertl eliminated the front wire axle and filled the holes in the engine block halves years ago.  The stubs should be shown for the front suspension assembly, unless someone at Round 2 scanned/copied an early instruction sheet.

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Casy, the backing plate are small, they should mount to the axle ends and the steel axle slides through them. The hole is larger than the holes in the wheels so the axle can rotate inside them. The custom wheels are a front dish on the tire basically like the stock  front wheel ( chrome though etc). And on the front you would use the wheel back and the stub axle. for the rear I see no such thing. Two of the wheels should have a hole for the metal axle or else a backing with a hole for the axle but there is none as near as I can tell. The stock wheels have the hole, the deep dish racing wheels have the hole, two of the Cragar style wheels have the hole but not the custom wheels..

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