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1977 1978 1979 Thunderbird progress

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3 hours ago, Dave Van said:

Looking good to me!!! Are you going to cast it????  If you do I'll buy one and the next week someone will announce a plastic kit!! 

X2!! I'd definitely love one of these if you're going to cast it Paul! I'd even just take the body------I can come up with the rest!

This is looking so goodl! I'm glad to see yet another overlooked car of the '70's finally see some love! Those of us who can remember when these cars were new can certainly appreciate this. While not a fast car by any means, it certainly turned heads back in its day and is just starting to become collectible.

Keep up the great work! B) 

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  I had a '77 T-bird years ago, white with red interior.  351 power,

and Bill is right, not fast. But it liked to roll down the Hi-Way

pretty good though. As long as you stopped for gas quite a bit!!

  So I am certainly looking forward to more!!!

       David S.

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Hi Grzegorz and thanks, yes the wheel is 3 D printed and the results are fantastic!

Thanks Dave, yes it will be available in kit form someday. I also had a 79 a few years back. had the 351 in it and was surprisingly good on gas. Never put a nickel in repairs.

Mike, I actually woke up at 6 am Sunday and got to work!

Thanks Bill, it will be a complete kit including a photo etched sheet and Modelhaus tires.

Thanks David.



Looks like I have to raise the hood line at the front to reduce the downward slope, that's going to be fun, then start on the front end details. Stay tuned.

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Wow incredible start !! This is one kit the manufacturer's and resin castors missed the boat on. A lot of people admired this model of Thunderbird and would love it in their collection. I had a 79 like in the picture you have, but mime was Pastel Chamois with a cordovan top and interior. 302 V-8. One of the best cars I ever owned. Road like a dream, and turned heads everywhere I went. Those were the days when cars were cars, and had style and class.

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What did you use for the wheelwell flares? They have the right shape.

I've been wanting to do something similar with a Starsky and Hutch Torino conversion to a Cougar or an Elite, but I haven't figured out the wheelwells yet. Yours look just right.  

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