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Porsche Carrera 911 air-cooled engine 1/8

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Hello everyone and merry Christmas!

I'm back with another engine model, some might say that this one is two cylinders short of being a real engine...
It's from a Porsche 911 Carrera, around '70, and of course it's an air-cooled flat six.
There were no Marushin parts involved (did you see what those cost now? WOW!), it's all scratchbuilt.
The bigger parts were 3d printed on an Objet/Stratasys and the smaller ones on my Asiga, as you can see in the stepping.
I sandblasted the Objet parts, their rough surface looks a bit like sandcast metal, and on the Asiga parts (like the linkage) I did no finish at all, just painting.
Primer ist flat black AutoK spraycan (turns out semi-gloss, see the hood), paint is mostly Alclad (I love their dull alu) and some Citadel for details. I'm especially proud of the yellow anodized parts and the sandcast look on the fan!

Thanks for looking, and have a nice holiday!











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Now THAT is impressive! At first glance I  thought this was a real engine, but then I see where you BUILT this! Love the 3D printed items and one would be hard pressed to tell the difference if it was sitting in an engine bay.

And yes, I've seen those Marushin engines on eBay. One auction I was following very recently with great interest, but when the price crossed the $1000 threshold, I said......that's too much!

It eventually sold for $5300!!! Waaaaay too rich for my blood! Especially when there's no guarantee I'd ever build it! :D

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The engine looks great!  Very realistic.  And knowing that you designed it yourself on a computer in a CAD program, then printed it on a 3D printed makes it that much more amazing.  it is interesting to see our hobby evolving.  If you can't find something you want to model, you just design and print it yourself!

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Gorgeous! The detail painting really helps this engine look real. I'm stoked to see 3D printing employed for custom scale work like this; thanks for sharing! Very inspirational :D

The anodized-look parts are quite convincing, considering they're not actually plated!

Have you added up all the hours it took to design, print, process, paint, and assemble this model? I bet you it's more than $1000 worth, haha :D


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