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Ferrari Hat Trick

Peter Lombardo

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Scaglietti Hat Trick

The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 2+2 was debuted in 2004, so it is now a bit long in the tooth.  And not being one of my favorite Ferrari designs, it does have the classic feature of a front engine, rear drive setup which was the way the first Ferrari’s were designed.

Here are my three variations of this car.

1.        This is the 612 as a convertible.  This car has a minor front fender bulge, opened and hinged doors, BBS wheels and a set of hood vents to exhaust hot engine air.  It has a two tone paint scheme with Tamiya light metallic blue on top and dark gunmetal on the bottom.  The convertible top was vacuum formed over a buck I carved from sign foamVe7XfBIJaosedjHjjowu_1nUx_Hqp5wzBDCkhexVjC_Qg7hdGJId-AbP66KvSHhiUQVLrIXn6abvhiz4YkTmM6pJPPUgAPJYfBLPuzAA5xGuDOqAtXGSOXhL

2.       This is the 612 with full fender bulges, fore and aft, and a full side skirt.  The side door sculptures were filled in.  This car features gull-wing doors that open and a rear deck spoiler.  The top of the car is painted in Tamiya Metallic Black and the bottom half is Tamiya Mica Red.  The wheels came from a Porsche 918.Z44xzDKxaqySjiboY7HJ8i7cqJoSffxkd3OduEwbjmPUxOXHwiShWowIdCbIkgJhBQF_5oUrEVmyliQl9yGCxVPOzZdhfcH6VpzRo-7wllVLVy4sdZriA_WMOnHWA0Yx5C0HZ99hlXSe2cziTYItLM-zGa0wV2iXoKoAQWLGFVPJN2oodAr5j8GJVF6XRm0waWcoetBW

3.       This has been shown before.  It is a completely custom designed body sitting on the 612 chassis with the engine and interior from that car.  Lambo doors and opening trunk with luggage in it.  Gold BBS wheels and a Tamiya Metallic Black top and Tamiya Metallic Red topped with Clear Red.sWdm76Tyk3dT_AySgM_JIJGyJdjpLehiEMtQ3V-xLDPJpzns3gHtup3Y0zEohyCV0r3R4jmDa1HPW8U3fJwAvBRp9_L6stxFbp3wKN4egmRbHrXmwFqMd5lpoc6dcG5_yiFGrRLNM7CZlI26BMK1xizueXWscFJc

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My last model acquisition was this kit!  I was thinking about building a resto rod with an old Ferrari body, but this car is HUGE!  Is there much space between the engine and shock towers?
Like your creativity, and you have a picture of the sign foam?

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