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1964 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special


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Hi everyone !


Here's one of the last conversion I have done in 2018. As JoHan Models have made Cadillac Fleetwood promos only from 1958 to 1962, since years and years I wanted so bad a 63 or 64 Fleetwood to add my Cadillac collection.

So I started this one from the Convertible kit, and have used a old twisted donor model for the roof. Lower body trims are created with styrene rods and strips. Interior is not perfectly accurate, I am still learning  ! :)

She's almost done, some details to add, such as mirrors and scripts here and there... Hope you'll like it. 






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23 hours ago, landman said:

Beau travail Jean-Philippe. Any chance of seeing the rest of your Cadillac collection?

Thanks Pat !

Yes, I'll show most if the collection and conversions, a little bit at a time, as well as I creating them and restore the rest. My entire collection slept for more than 15 years in boxes, some Cadillacs need some love back.

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On 30 décembre 2018 at 1:37 PM, MrObsessive said:

Excellent conversion! B)

Interesting that Johan never did this one as a four door as that was their specialty. I see you also corrected the windshield header as it was different than the two door hardtop.

Everything's done so nice and clean, one would swear it was a kit produced!

Thank you very much Bill, and thank you all !

I'd love so much to see Revell or any manufacturer starting to do Cadillac kits again. Except some ( sorry but totally boring to me ) Escalade and customs nor Lowrider models,  and apart of some good but niche makers here and there, there is nothing anymore since JoHan. I would love so bad to see some 1970's sedans and 1960-1976 limos. I've got Modelhaus's Cadillac models too, as well as very rare resin kits but it's a pity to realize and understand that the demand is so small than no maker wants to go that way again. And design licences are maybe hard to get from Cadillac too so.... :(. I am looking forward with high interest Paul Hettick's Cadillac kits !!!

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