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40 Ford "Starlet"


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Making some progress on this lately. Got the engine completed and installed. No wiring. Nothing special. 


Also finished up the interior. I had to glue the 48 Ford dash in 4 times to get it to sit right and hopefully not hit the windshield. The fit of the interior into the body is tight so everything has to be perfect. I also glued the sunvisors in this morning.


Lastly, I have the rolling chassis completed and the body is polished. Now to get it all together.




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1 hour ago, stitchdup said:

That's beautiful work, it certainly lives up to the starler moniker

Thanks Leslie,

I came into work the other day and found that during the night (custodians work at night out of my shop) and found that someone had taken a chunk out of the paint above the passenger side window and had scratched the roof. I had to touch up the paint and sand the roof again with 6000, 8000 and 12000 grit. You can see the dull spot in the first picture below.


Other than working on that, I got the headlights and grille on and the bumper brackets installed. Getting closer to the finish line. I can't wait to get this outside in the sunlight and take some pics of it!







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