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Built this for club challenge, Hasegawa - Jaguar XJR-8 Sprint Type.  Pretty much box stock. Had to put old decal sheet in the sunlight to lessen the yellowing and restore with Microscale Liquid Decal film.  Tire decals are Indycals






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Very nice build.An interesting fact about these cars is the way the exhaust pipes turn down at the end. It was to reduce the noise of the cars because of sound restrictions in place at most tracks.

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Hello Steve,

Beautiful work.  I am currently working on this exact model.  I've not been engaged in the hobby long enough to develop your skills and the extensive decal work it calls for is somewhat intimidating.  I have some concerns about the age of the decals and I'm not familiar with putting them in the sun or using the Microscale Liquid Decal film.  Can you elaborate  a bit on how you dealt with the decals? 



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Good job on one of the coolest race cars ever! IIRC, the purple areas are not all covered by decals contained in this kit so additional painting is required. I also remember that Zero Paints are (or were) offering the purple color to match the Hasegawa decal colors exactly. Here comes another compliment: I don’t see any color deviation. So how did you do it?

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