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48-inch flotation tires?

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OK, I've found sources for resin Rockwell 2 1/2-ton and 5-ton axles, plus 66-inch flotation tires (or Terra Tires, or whatever you call them), but I've yet to find anybody that makes the 48-inch flotation tires...you know, the ones found on the really early monster trucks. Does anybody know if I can find any, and if so, where? I've got a couple ideas for old-school monster trucks.

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Wow, that takes me back to the early days of monster trucks. I remember buying the special issue of Four Wheel & Off-Road with the color section of monster trucks...

To answer your question, I've never seen that size/type of tire in 1/24 or 1/25 scale. I wish there was an early Ford Ranger in kit form.


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A board member who's no longer active pointed me toward those tires a few years ago. They come on Newray 1/43 diecast monster trucks and scale out almost perfectly to 48" early monster truck tires. The rims might be a tad small but you can always embiggen the hole and use USA-1 or Bigfoot rims.


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