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1970 Baldwin Motion Chevelle

Superbird McMonte

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Everything under the skin of the new Revell 68 Chevelle is so nice, I figured I would beat Revell to the punch and use it to make a decent 1970 Chevelle. 

I’ve always thought the Revell snaps-tight Chevelle had a wel proportioned body, high detail door panels, and its super smooth! 

So out came my cut off wheel, razor saws and sanding sticks!

Here is where I’m at so far.

I started by checking the fit of the floor pan assembly. It fit like a glove! 

Then, I carefully removed the hood with the back of a #11 technique.




I removed the upper cowl from the 68 and mounted it in the 70. To locate it properly, I tacked the 68 interior together with the firewall in place too. Positioned the upper cowl in line with the firewall and tacked it to the fenders.  


Then I swapped out in the inner fender sides to give the hood something to sit on.


Satisfied with that start, I moved to the interior.



I cut out the floor of the 70 first, then slowly started sanding the bottom of the rear seat until it sat in the right position.





I built off the rear seat with the interior sides to the dashboard. Then after numerous test fits with the 68 floor, sanding, fitting and sanding some more.... I got it in place and in line with the firewall again! 





That’s where it stands right now. I have to find my L88 hood for the 70 now. I mastered and cast it for the AMT 70 Chevelle years ago and I think it will fit with a little modification. If not, it will give up it’s scoop to make a new one.

Hope you like it, and maybe try this yourself!

Questions and comments always welcome.


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4 minutes ago, Jantrix said:

It appears in the photos that the front wheel isn't centered in the wheel well. Is there a wheel base difference between the '68 and the Snap '70?  Terrific work. I recently did the AMT '70 for a friend and wasn't happy with it.

The wheelbase is the same, the rubber bands just aren’t holding everything in place.??

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I'm digging both builds... the thing is... those 68 Chevelles are hot right now and I've been seein some nice builds on the Group pages. 2 or 3 week builds look like 6 month builds, these guys are dedicated... So, as much as I'm anticipating the  Baldwin motion 68 I want to see this one too.  I've already seen how nice the 68 is built up. I think we're all guilty of starting mutiple projects. I'm leading the pack no doubt. 

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